Rental Policies

1. All concerns regarding the facility will be addressed to the Building Manager.

2. La Troupe du Jour is not responsible for any personal or material damages.

3. La Troupe du Jour is not responsible for any royalties owed.

4. La Troupe du Jour is not responsible for any items brought into the facility.

5. Technical equipment and support will only be provided if scheduled and paid for.

6. Renters must abide by all municipal and provincial, fire and safety standards.

7. La Troupe du Jour reserves the right to require the renter to hire security.

8. Smoking and the use of candles are forbidden without the expressed approval of La Troupe du Jour.

9. La Troupe du Jour has the right to enter any rented space while it is unoccupied.

10. La Troupe du Jour has the right to rent other areas of the facility simultaneously as long as one event does not disturb the other.

11. Absolutely no screwing or nailing into the Studio 914 floor is permitted for any reason. Anyone found to have done so, will be responsible for all necessary repairs which may include replacing the flooring or repairing the radiant heating system.

12. All individuals, commercial and for-profit users will be charged a commercial rate.

13. Computer, photocopier and other office equipment are not available for use by anyone.

14. Keys and a pass-code will be the responsibility of a single individual of a group.

15. All keys must be returned within 24 hours of the rental.

16. Rented spaces will be returned to their clean and orderly state in which they were found. If not, cleaning charges will be applied.

17. Renters will only have access to the rooms outlined in the contract.

18. No unruly or abusive behaviour will be tolerated.

19. In the case of public events, any promotional material related to events taking place in the

Production Centre and Studio 914 will include the appropriate name and logo of La Troupe du Jour.

20. Breaches of any of these terms may result in denial of further rentals or loans.

21. A deposit of 20% of the total amount (before taxes) will be payable upon signature of the contract.

22. A fee of $27 per hour will be charged to the renter if the premises are not vacated by the agreed upon time.

23. If cancellations are made, by the renter, 15 days or more, prior to the first day of rental the full deposit will be reimbursed. Any cancellations made less than 15 days prior to the first day of rental will be reimbursed 50% of the deposit.

24. La Troupe du Jour reserves the right to terminate this agreement at any time, without penalty, and if does so, will reimburse all deposits and rental payments.

25. If for reasons beyond control of the renter and La Troupe du Jour due to act of public authority, war, emergency, riot, epidemic, act of God or other emergencies beyond their control, neither party will be considered responsible.