Playwrights’ Circle

Over 10 years ago, at the playwrights’ request, La Troupe du Jour established the Playwrights’ Circle to support writing for the theatre. Workshops are led by dramaturgy advisors who provide support for writers at all stages of their career and are held on a regular basis throughout the year. These sessions have developed new local talent and allowed the company to discover new scripts and new playwrights.
La Troupe du Jour supports Saskatchewan playwrights in developing their scripts. Over the years, this has allowed us to bring 10 new plays to the stage. This year four of our playwrights will have the opportunity to develop their scripts: Marie-Claire Marcotte, Madeleine Blais-Dahlem and Raoul Granger. This essential program is funded through generous donations that allow playwrights to develop their scripts over a number of years. By supporting La Troupe du Jour, you are not only enabling Fransaskois theatre to exist, but also ensuring that it gains significant exposure within and beyond Saskatchewan. Help us to foster the creativity of our playwrights and linguistic diversity in our province.

Registration is accepted year-round.

Fee 75$


La Troupe du Jour offers one-off workshops in communities across Saskatchewan, for Francophone schools, French Immersion schools and various community groups, to help them prepare their own theatre presentations.

Play Development

La Troupe du Jour has established a play development program for the province’s writers that follows their creative process from when they first start to write through to having their play produced by the company. This process extends over a three-year cycle. The first year is one of discovery and the most intense period of writing, during which our writers are paired with dramaturges. The second year includes a workshop with actors, a director and a dramaturgical advisor. In the third year, the play is produced on stage by La Troupe du Jour, provided the Artistic Director considers that the script is ready and answers the company’s artistic requirements. This three-year cycle enables La Troupe du Jour to develop three scripts at different stages of completion simultaneously. Often the playwrights selected for this program have started their projects as part of the Playwrights’ Circle, a group that allows authors to exchange ideas and the company to discover new texts for future development.

“Carte Blanche”

Since 2012, La Troupe du Jour offers a summer program promoting the development of francophone theatre artists by giving them access to a professional space for exploration and creation purposes. The residence closes with a public presentation of their laboratory and a discussion with the audience.

To learn how to submit a project, please contact our Artistic Director, Bruce McKay, at