Accessibility FAQ

Spectators with reduced mobility

The entrance and our three main spaces on the first floor (conference room, studio, multi-purpose room) are accessible to people with reduced mobility, as is the kitchen, our bathrooms and our change rooms.

Deaf and hard of hearing spectators

La Troupe du Jour offers surtitled performances (in English only). The surtitles are in English in order to offer our spectators, who do not speak French, the option of attending a French-speaking play.

Blind and visually impaired spectators

Some shows that are predominant in dialogue are naturally accessible. For a list of shows that are predominant in visuals please contact our box office at 306-667-1221.

What if I don’t feel comfortable during the performance?

We do not encourage entering and exiting during a show as the theatre is small and this could distract the actors. The performances are normally 1h00 to 1h30 without intermission. If the play is longer than 1.5 hours there is normally a 10 minute intermission. That said, you can ask in advance to reserve a seat near the exit door in case of an emergency.


Free parking after 6 p.m. on 20th and Avenue I

* For people with reduced mobility, you can contact the theater reception at 306-667-1221 to reserve parking at the entrance

Public transport